Using Projectors for Photography Display

Configuring projectors and HD TVs for displaying photographs accurately is actually more complicated than many people assume. But it's not particularly hard, as long as you take the right steps.

We have helped many clients configure, calibrate, and profile their projectors, and now we have written a comprehensive guide to help you do the same. The book is available as an e-book through Khromagery's online store (payment is processed through PayPal).

Projecting Photos:
A guide to configuring and evaluating projectors and TVs

A 76-page PDF, full of background information and including procedures and checklists to help you optimize the performance of projectors and HD TVs. Note that we do recommend color profiling of the displays (using tools such as Spyders, i1, and ColorMunki solutions) as part of these procedures.

To go with the book we provide a set of test images, which you can download as a ZIP archive here. It's 9.1 MB.

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As part of our consulting work Khromagery is able to supply select projector models to clients as part of solutions that sometimes also involve screens and profiling equipment. We carefully select only models we can recommend (for example we have found some units to have poor quality control from the manufacturers, although in some cases we can work with our supply chain to source acceptable units) and supply them with assistance regarding profiling and setup. Obviously we prefer our customers to be happy with their installed systems rather than simply compete directly with home-theatre projector suppliers.

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